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We are sharing our lodge with Mother Nature!

Our Mission

At Kobo Kobo Hills we believe that we have built our lodge into nature and are sharing it with the fauna and flora.

We DO NOT hunt and aim at setting up our piece of land as well as the surrounding farms into a conservancy / "safe haven" in the future.

Taking the fences down and allowing the animals to migrate and "choose" where they want to be - it will be like before man roamed the earth...

View to the Namib horizon after Summer Namibia rains. East of the lodge

Ways in which Kobo Kobo is "Going Green"

We use:

100 % Biodegradable hand-, hair- and body wash and cleaning products.

Glass bottles for drinking water, which are cleaned and re-used, instead of plastic.

Gas fridges to cool food and drinks.

Rechargeable, dynamo, energy saving light bulbs and solar lighting.

Solar energy to pump water to the watering hole for the animals and to provide lighting there.

Solar water heaters for hot water showers.

A manual pool cleaning pump with gravitational suction.

Rubbish is taken to town and plastic, paper and glass recycled where possible.

Grey water runs to the plants around the camp and the black water off into a septic tank and french drain where we use 100% natural bacteria to break the effluent down. This is why biodegradable cleaning products are used everywhere.

We are proud to share this information with our guests.





Namibia hills near the lodge, covered in green after the rains. This is the desert